Hey, you art stealer what did you say to my dad? Depending in what you said I might kick your ass.

BigRandomKaiju is the son of Deathrock9 and Rita. He lives in his little shack in Portugal.

History Edit

So that he would not be killed during the Great Wiki War, his parents sent him to Portugal. After he heard the news that his father died he returned so that he could help the other Rulers of Wiki fight various enemies. He continued to remain friendly and loyal towards his father after he stole CompanionNardole's life energy and resurrected himself.

Some time after he came to help his father he met a women called Hiromu Ogashira that would became his waifu.

BRK also has an obsession over Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town, Mr. Moseby from The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody, Road Rollers and Fin Carré Chocolate.

BRK had two sons with his Waifu, one named Simon and the other named Robby.

BRK's design was updated in the first issue of The Ultra-Violent Adventures of Redman. Because of this, the 283rd issue of Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki was devoted to BRK getting a new design, replacing his old design.

Star Night Sword Edit

His trusty sword that was given to him by his father when he was relocated to Portugal. It is a very powerful weapon.


BRK's original design before he was updated in the first issue of The Ultra-Violent Adventures of Redman.

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