Shrek's Liger Train

Shrek's Train Liger Popsicle.

The MosuFan Wiki One-Word Story Game is a short story composed in the MosuFan Wiki chatroom.

The StoryEdit

A toilet flew into a pile of Yapools who were eating crap frustratedly because the oven was broken by Ace Killer's Ass. Dragons were dead but they suddenly were revived by Geronimon. Then pizza man appeared, started to die for no reason and Redman started killing babies all around him.

Shrek started to drive a liger train popsicle and he jumped over Ultraman until he exploded. Mario Obama came to destroy Mitt Romney, who was jerking off to weird obama porn in the side bathroom chicken house popsicle.

Then Zetton II arrived and saw him and was aroused by Romney then dragons ate the entire Romney Gold Coins.

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