Godzilla was rollin' down the streets, then he saw Anguirus and then Godzilla asked Anguirus:

  • Godzilla: "Hey, did you poop today?"
  • Anguirus: "Yes but it was diarhea"
  • Godzilla: "I ate a potato"
  • Anguirus: "NUUUUU"

Then Godzilla and Anguirus flied away by rainbow farts and then they saw Red screaming:

  • Red: "I CAN'T PUT MY PANTS ON!!!"

Anguirus and Godzilla ignored him cuz he looks like 0bama. Anguirus and Godzilla landed in the 69 town where they saw Red chasing Solomon because Solomon stole Red's pants. After that Godzilla and Anguirus saw Hedorah loosing in a pokemon battle against a magikarp, he cried for 2 days. After that they saw drunk Destoroyah.

  • Destoroyah: "Fuck you Jeff the Potato, naw am drunk cuz u stole mah potatoes and after dat i only had to eat the most toxic vodka in the universe *vomits* "

Red was still chasing Solomon because he stole his pants, but Red stopped and said:

  • Red: "i don't even wear pants" *walks away*

MechaGodzilla was playing pokemon go and he ate his phone because he can. While King Ghidorah was chasing a MC donald's employee, Hedorah was eating birds because "you're not you when you're hungry" Then holy Skeleturtle came and destroyed KFC because their buritos were expensive. While Dorats were kicking Gezora and Varan's asses at once, King Ghidorah was still chasing a MC donald's employee.


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