Sherlock 3x01 Sheriarty scene00:34

Sherlock 3x01 Sheriarty scene

Shipping is a widespread phenomena that has caused people to pair together their favourite characters from television, animation and movies. This has actually began to infect popular TV shows such as the 2010 modern day Sherlock adaptation starring the one and only Bend-a-dick Cucumberpatch. Some fans 'ship' Sherlock and Moriarty, and this actually managed to creep it's way into a scene from the first episode of Series 3 that portrays a scene in which Sherlock faked his death by pushing a poorly made Sherlock ragdoll off of the top of a building before proceeding to get into a passionate kiss with Moriarty.

While shipping shouldn't be stopped, action must be taken to prevent it from bleeding into every TV show, or else we'll end up with random characters dating each other instead of the characters they're written to have a great relationship with.

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