Spinocroc is the alpha species of the universe and the founder of the ROW team.

History Edit

Spinocroc is a hybrid created from dinosaur and animal genes to be the perfect living creature in the universe.

Spinocroc is sneaky and can move his head right and cause the sockpuppets to explode by doing such a savage action.

Spinocroc ate Z̞̫̫̥̓Ā̶̷̺͈ͬ̽ͅL̪̾ͣ̋͡҉̝̍Ģ̛̤̮̱ͤ͂ͦ̅͊Ȏ̬̰̔͐̃͝ 15453 times and pooped him out, creating poop.

Spinocroc is an awesome reptile, but be careful when he's hungry!


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